About Us


Totokaelo Shop is a purveyor of beautifully designed and thoughtfully curated fashion and objects.

We represent artists and designers whom we believe to have an independent and thoughtful sense of beauty.

We believe the art and objects a person chooses for their life are a reflection of values and perspective.

We hope to provide a unique point of view that attracts those of similar mind.

Our History

Totokaelo Shop Retail

Totokaelo Shop  is a luxury retail company. We bring together our unique point of view and forward-thinking technology to create an unmatched client experience, offering the convenience of online shopping and the personal relationship enabled by brick and mortar.

Our mission is to encourage people to dress distinctly and intentionally. We are passionate about introducing original and distinguished fashion, art and objects to the world. We represent collections with limited global distribution; designers who possess a distinct sense of beauty and emphasize artistry over commerciality.



Satisfied customers worldwide and growing

Est. 2024

Our Story

design brand Totokaelo, give you the best design and the most complete service.

Totokaelo Make interesting clothes and enjoy this moment! Use a variety of elements to make clothes different; not like the average person, for the popular self-assertion, but also to retain a little cute feeling, both street fashion and casual atmosphere, strong style, bright colors, cheerful.

Totokaelo does quality clothes, refuses high quality, and pursues high quality and cheap! Let each link reach a high-quality production process that is harmless and environmentally friendly. Stick to the craftsman spirit!

Totokaelo makes promised clothes, provides uninterrupted and good quality service, ensures customers to communicate and feedback in the first time, and does not improve after-sales service, and continuously improves products continuously.

Our Future

Growing Fast

We believe that e-commerce is today’s way of shopping and that it will grow more and more in the future. It provides us with many conveniences – we don’t have to go further than our bed in order to do our shopping. We can instantly check the reviews of a particular product from people who already purchased. We take those features and try to take them to the next level so you can get the best possible experience.



Regional offices around the world


A Letter From The CEO

Totokaelo is my favorite topic of conversation. When tasked with writing an introduction to prospective employees, there’s a lot I’d like to say. As a starting point, I’ve addressed the most frequently asked questions during first-round interviews.
Totokaelo’s mission is to encourage people to dress distinctly and intentionally. We don’t use the word ‘trend’, and we believe there are as many right ways of dressing as there are people on the planet. We partner with clients to define their signature style. Our approach is unique and in-depth. We ask a lot of questions to ensure clients land on a thoughtful and unique look that reflects their values and perspective.

If what I’ve described above is something you’d like to be a part of, please reach out regardless of posted openings. We always have a job for the right candidate — someone passionate about doing things different and providing bar-raising retail experiences both on and off-line.

Founder and CEO